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Interlace Cultural y Desarrollo Integral Mexicano  is a non-profit,  civil, apolitical, non-religious Organization founded in 2017 in Pennsylvania, United States of America.

VISION -  Be an agile, innovative organization that responds to the needs of the Mexican community to reaffirm  their sense of belonging through culture.

MISSION -  Contribute in the promotion, diffusion and preservation of the Mexican Culture.

OBJECTIVE -  Organize and develop social programs that inform, reunite, guide and educate.         Promote and organize cultural and entertainment activities in which the entire community is involved.      Promote and organize activities, conferences and workshops that help to preserve the identity of its members and family.  Establish links with the various Organizations and Associations of our host Country, the United States of America.

GOAL - The enrichment and cultural strengthening, integral development of the individual, solidarity and the contribution in the process of adaptation and integration of the Mexican Community.
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