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ICDI Vendor Information Form-Aplicacion para Vendedores
Is this your first time participating?
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To be paid to ICDI

Have these been completed (Please note:these are required to be able to participte (These two applications must be brought and paid for at Allentown City Hall.


  • All vendors are required to obtain a Business Registrations from the City of

Allentown, PA. Todos los vendedores requieren Registración de Negocio de la Ciudad de Allentown, PA City of Allentown Business Registration Form

  • Food Vendors are require to obtain Food Temporary License from the City of Allentown. Los Vendedores de Comida requieren obtener una Licencia Temporal de Comida de la Ciudad de Allentown. Food Vendor Application

  • All vendors are required to provide their own 10x10 tent, tent weights, Todos los vendedores requieren proveer su popio 10x10 carpa, peso para carpas.

  • Food Vendors are required to provide appropriate supporting material, such water, electric extension, gas and all your cooking needs. Los vendedores de comida requieren proveer sus apropiados materiales de apoyo, como agua, extensión eléctrica, gas y todo lo necesario que utiliza para cocinar.

Contact Person:
Hilda Gonzalez
484 946 39 92

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