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"Iconos Mexicanos"

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ICDI recognizes the contribution of the Mexican Community in Pennsylvania by the delivering of the "Iconos Mexicanos Awards" that take place during the Ceremony of the Grito de Independencia de Mexico.

The members of the Mexican Community awarded are selected by their contribution in the area of the Philanthropy, Business, Sports, Cultural, Artistic and Educational Skills


Angelica Silva

Preparativos del Grito - 2021-164.jpg

Juan Sosa

Preparativos del Grito - 2021-182.jpg
Preparativos del Grito - 2021-185.jpg


Lidia Estrada de Cordero

Daniel Flores


Imelda Bañuelos Arrechiga

Marco Calderón


Perla López Baray

Miguel Angel Noyola

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